Green Goddess - 307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130 - Phone: 504-301-3347

Hours: 11:00am till 9:00pm on Wednesday - Sunday  | No Reservations

Green Goddess Bio


The dishes at the Green Goddess have a traditional New Orleans backbone to the recipes. Being one of the great port cities of the world, New Orleans is influenced by a wide array of cultures. Therefore cuisines such as French and Thai find themselves next to Cajun and Soul on the Green Goddess menu. It’s not that the Green Goddess has been around the world sampling the best fares, it’s that the world has been through New Orleans and brought its best fares to her.

We take the inherent worldly influences New Orleans offers and combine it with an eclectic mix of quality ingredients to create our dishes. From the type of salt to the crabmeat, every single ingredient involved in all of our dishes is thoughtfully selected. We strive to provide the best possible dishes for our patrons with a sort of down home, unpretentious disposition.

Our menu changes often and vegetarian and vegan options are always present. Check out our current menu (link) to see what we’re cooking.


The libations at the Green Goddess are as ambitious and adventurous as the dishes we serve. We have an extensive wine list (LINK) featuring fine wines from around the world. Our cocktail list (LINK) changes seasonally and always features fresh seasonal fruit juices. The beers (LINK) we serve are a mix of quality local and regional brews and a few international selections. Our full list of digestifs (LINK) includes original cocktails, ports, liqueurs and a variety of whiskeys.

We’ve added even more cocktails to our menu this summer with Liquor Balls. That’s a New Orleans-style snowball with an adult twist; booze. Our Liquor Balls will help you beat the heat.


Indoor seating at the Green Goddess is limited so most of our patrons find themselves in our courtyard style seating on Exchange Alley. This is one of the more charming parts of the French Quarter and creates a sort of piazza café dining experience.

We serve our patrons on a first come, first serve basis. No reservations are accepted.